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Plastic surgery aims every woman all around the world because it is primarily women who would like to achieve a better, rejuvenated look. After the Latin America boom, today the highest number of plastic surgery is performed in Asia. The good prices of treatments, invasive or non-invasive have really made plastic surgery blue collar all across the world. Due to its relative geographical closeness, the Asian trends get to New Zealand pretty easily and have created a booming new local market for plastic surgeons. Here, we would like to represent you with some of the biggest trends in New Zealand plastic surgery.

As plastic surgery is an enormous field, we will categorize treatments as face related and body related surgeries. Also, a unique element in New Zealand plastic surgery is, that a growing number of men would go under the knife in order to emerge looking younger and slimmer.

* Nose Jobs (Rhinoplasty): Nose job is a very popular procedure in New Zealand as well as all around the world. As only nose job is able to achieve a considerable change in facial features and has a great improving feature, nose jobs are very often purchased by men and women likewise.

* Ear Reduction (Setback Otoplasty): This procedure is used when someone has floppy or protruding ears and it's just a minor surgery that can still dramatically increase someone's self-esteem.

* Face Lift Surgery: General face-lifts are still trending also in New Zealand. This surgery is usually customized for the client but generally includes stretching out of skin in order to create a flawless effect. The surgery also may involve eyelid reduction or chin forming (or implants).

* Brow (Forehead) Lift Surgery: Our forehead is the most likely to show the signs of all the years gone by and those who wouldn't like to have a fringe often opt for a brow-lift or forehead lift surgery. Brow lift can be opted also independently for those who have especially low-setting eyebrows.

* Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Blepharoplasty): Eyelid reduction is a surgery that is often done for middle-aged to aged-people, as with the years our eyelid is very keen to become droopy. This surgery helps to open up the eye area and this way will give a dramatically fresher, younger outlook for the eye-area.

* Neck Lift Surgery: Neck lift is a surgery many elderly opt for in New Zealand. The body part most likely to show a woman's real age is the neck, therefore neck surgery is usually done with facelifts or can be done also independently.

* Butt enhancement: This is a new thing, which is becoming very trendy these years, coming off the beaches of Rio where women opt for this surgery for a very long time. Today bigger butt means a more feminine body. Long gone are the anorexic no-butt supermodels. This surgery today is very looked after in New Zealand as well.

* Breast enlargement: Breast enlargement is an ever popular, a simple and a really routine surgery which requires a diminishing resting time too and using much more improved implants than before.

These are the currently most popular plastic surgery procedures in New Zealand where plastic surgery is really living a huge revival in the recent times.